Busy, busy time of late . . . no time to post new photos sadly, even though I have heaps of new ones needing editing and post-processing, lots of panoramas, but maybe its just time to consolidate and complete a few other things like courses at School.

Last week managed to get confirmation of successful completion of a Cert IV in Training and Assessment here at Continuing Education Bendigo, but more interestingly than that is the fact that an old College Bud from 1982 happened to be traveling through Melbourne and it was a chance to catch up with him on what has been happening for he (and I), these past 32 years since marching off the parade square in Kingston, Ontario.

You know, that kind of meeting and time contemplaton puts a whole lot into perspective doesn’t it. I mean its really a generation and a half of time gone by.

Well, its been a very special week in a way. Neil, I so remember all those Boomer Lectures and Structures and Concrete and Soil Mechanics lectures where you just doodled and doodled and doodled away and amazed the heck out of us how you never found the exams to be no problem . . . I mean WTF was with that? 🙂

So glad you have found and enjoyed your passion in this lifetime (http://www.packtrips.ca), and with any luck . . . one day it would be so much fun to get there to Alberta to join you in your fun. Take care Mate, and have a good journey back home.

Anyway, right now can’t think of a better way to celebrate the past, the immediate successful course completion, the reconnection with a Bud from 1982, and the new challenges on the immediate horizon but to have a listen to Roger Hodgson and a bit of “School”. It just seems a bit fitting:

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