After working away and staring at the same image files for hours and hours, you finally get to the point where you feel like its all done and that you have done your best.  So then you post your finished work into a gallery at your website feeling a sense of relief that those long hours are finally behind you.  Where the Invictus galleries makes things so different, is a day later as you are working away on other things and have your latest Gallery scrolling before your eyes on a wide 23″ screen, and you get a chance with a fresh perspective to see those minor errors, glitches, dust marks on the camera sensor, etc. that you thought you had caught the day before, and so its a chance to put a final quality control check on your work.  I am so happy I put the time and effort into learning this tool.

About the author

Steven Jodoin is a Geomatics Engineer, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer and an aspiring Lean Six Sigma Black Belt living in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. "Make Every Day a Kaizen Day" and Improve Continuously