Vintage can provide a really cool look. The idea here was firstly to provide more Vintage looking photos to the original Gallery (now 75 of them), but also to explore a different look and feel to some of the better photos in the total portfolio.

OK, so a vintage look of a Parrot feeding in the Gumtrees last December at the Eaglehawk Botanical Gardens is hardly an olden days activity, but it does provide for a deeper richer colour from the original photo.

Just from viewing these on screen I can’t help but think that they might print a bit better on a hi-gloss postcard, perhaps at some point in the future.

Check them out at the full gallery – Galleries > Vintage Photos

Speaking of Vintage, what better way to look back into the past but through checking out that song which was at the top of the charts on the day you were born. Check out this website to find out yours:

What was the hit song on my Birthday?

Have to laugh a bit, because on the day I was born the top of the charts in Canada was that then 18 Year old Ottawa Sensation Paul Anka with his hit “Lonely Boy”.  Hehehe perhaps it was a bit of foreboding eh? . . . Oh stop that!  🙂  See Kyle, told you the wheel was already long since invented . . . barely just 😉

Isn’t that funny . . . he was born exactly one day prior, just 18 years earlier (Us Leo’s Eh?). Perhaps it was a Birthday present hit song for him way back then.  Went on to have a Stellar Career.

Paul Anka @ Wikipedia

Ooops!  Nearly forgot . . . Happy Birthday Bendigo, as of today you are now 163 years young  🙂

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