It’s never done and it always needs improving.

The Second Law of Website Development . . .

Don’t Sweat It, because it probably looks way better than it did a month ago!

I’ve got so much work to do on mine, and now that the great weather is here . . . Ugh!  No time.

It will get there when it’s meant to . . . Just give it up to Universe and Allow it to happen in time  as these things are designed and foretold in advance . . .  🙂

Wow Oh Wow . . . Just back from Melbourne, now 5 AM after dodging the Roo’s on the way back up the Calder (Such a lovely meal and conversation Susie, thank you!).  Daylight Savings is now in effect so we lost an hour this weekend (makes it much easier for dusk photoshoots actually, glad it’s happened) . . . and lookee here on 500px:

Just uploaded it yesterday morning, and already:

73 Views from Photographers around the world
5 Faves and
With a score of 80.9 (which means 500 px wants me to sell the high res image in their “Royalty Free” program)


But I’m just an amateur out for a bit of funning around to figure out the SONY NEX-7

If people only knew, I had just stepped outside of St. Pauls Cathedral after taking pics in there, saw the traffic rushing by and simply pointed and clicked hoping the Red Tram would somehow find its way into the center of the frame . . . A lucky one.

35 Number on the tram?  31.07.1959 = 35/8 Lifepath  😉  Was meant to happen!  Always take notice of such things and when they occur its not by accident  🙂  Couldn’t tell you the number of times I have been out for a Pub Meal and the Flag Number they’ve given me was an “8” . . . Usually its  a sign it will be a great meal!  In fact it happened last Friday night in Inglewood, after shooting the Melville Caves photos, stopped for a Pub Meal there, and the Hub Cap of a Chicken Parma they brought out was simply Delish!  Highly recommended, if you ever get to Inglewood.  I forget the name of the Pub, but its the only one open on the main drag from 6-8 PM and is packed with customers.

Addendum:  Check out the Clock on Flinders Street Station . . . Bahahahaha . . . What time is it?  What is 2 x 4?  Told You!  Phuneeeee.

Music time . . .

In keeping with the “I need to get back to Mt Franklin Soon Theme for Part 2 of 3”, and who knows maybe there will be a hotair balloon awaiting me there for the purrrfect photo opp this time around . . .  can you sense a Photoshop Gag coming?  😉 . . . and the fantastic weather coming up this next month (I So Love Springtime anywhere really, but most particularly in Australia), this song reminded me of today down in Melbourne while capturing the Beach Huts in Brighton along with the Melbourne Skyline in the background as the Sun Set over the Southern Ocean to my left (just wait till you see those pics, WOW!!!!  Looking fantastic in-Camera), and just what we’ve been waiting for these last 6 months!  Pure Magic!

Photographers Delight!

ELO and Jeff Lynne all those years ago and the promo Vid for Mr. Blue Sky.


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