Australia Post is now Following me on Twitter – @auspost.

Now either the Webmaster there is a Photography fanatic, and he’s caught wind that now @sjphotocomau is pumping out photography news feeds planet-wide at a rate of one news item every 10 minutes, which is leading to this:

17.8K Followers, where the top 47 have a collective Following of 11,163,121 Followers.  Can anyone spell R-E-T-W-E-E-T?  Especially for any one of my top 10 Followers?  Just one Retweet, is all I’m asking for . . . .  😉

Or else, someone has caught wind that Ned Kelly is back and is participating on GuruShots, and this time he’s taking no prisoners. 😉

Soon 10K GuruShots points and very soon after that EXPERT level.  Should be by the end of August, mmmm maybe first week of September.

Have always been madly fascinated about history, whether it be military history or historical things that shaped a nation.

It used to be the case on GuruShots that we needed to upload 8 photos in each competition. Now its only 4 and I was getting a tad bit bored waiting for new competitions to start.

Well whatever the reason for the AusPost Following, its been a long time since the last journal post so lets catch up on what Joseph and Trevor are up to at the Digital Photography Cafe.  A few episodes to catch up on now.  Will cover them in the next few posts.  Enjoy!

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