I’ve just added a Music Menu to the website with links to radio stations on tunein.com, so as to allow some music while browsing Bendigo Scenic 1000 and the other Galleries.  Lots of local stations, some from Digitally Imported and others I have enjoyed in my travels.

Most open up in a separate tab in your browser and immediately start playing, but a few need a push of the start button to get them playing.

For those that require opening in a separate window, you may need to download and install Adobe Flash Player for it to work.

Unfortunately, 3BO doesn’t seem to be streaming at the moment. Maybe that will change in the future, so I will leave the link up there.

Will try to add more stations as I think of them, particularly those I have enjoyed on my journey. It’s a bit of a trip down memory lane 🙂

CHOM 97 7 in Montreal is still the absolute best, particularly when you catch a 97 minute commercial free session.


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Steven Jodoin is a Geomatics Engineer, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer and an aspiring Lean Six Sigma Black Belt living in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. "Make Every Day a Kaizen Day" and Improve Continuously