You know since I put a big effort into this website in the past 6 weeks or so, I have now had 3 people approach me indicating that they have been into Photography for a long time and seeing what I have been able to do with this website they are motivated to get back into their passion.  One has taken steps to order a new Camera, another has jumped back into Photoshop and the third is digging hard into WordPress and researching Photography Templates at Envato’s ThemeForest.  This makes me very happy!

Well why not consider also applying to join at “The Arcanum” and have a Master mentor you and your work?  Of course keep following my blog, because I’m going to continue offering tidbits which will help as well, but yeah check out this site:

an initiative of Trey Ratcliff, the fellow who’s HDR photography and tutorials and discussion of the Sony NEX-7 Mirrorless camera convinced me this was something I just had to explore further:

I applied today, and hopefully one day will find myself as one of the Master’s doing the mentoring. Lots of work between here and there however, but along the journey it should be a chance to connect with some of the real masters in the Photography world.

Speaking of Masters, I’ve always found Serge Ramelli to be excellent to watch and learn from. He provides excellent tips on Lightroom, Photoshop and techniques for capturing great photos:

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Steven Jodoin is a Geomatics Engineer, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer and an aspiring Lean Six Sigma Black Belt living in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. "Make Every Day a Kaizen Day" and Improve Continuously