My Son’s First Foray into Tubesville.  Need to get him to make me a Promo Video Next.  Pretty Amazing first effort I think.

“Still Photo’s of Fountains and Buildings Dad?” . . . “Nah, I can do better than that!”  😉

. . .

OK, OK . . . so that first attempt was good we all acknowledge that, so now how do you make it even better the next time.  This is the real challenge.  Perfection is never achievable (Law of Diminishing Returns and All), but somewhere between here and there as you strive to improve, this is the sweetspot that people will stand up and really take notice.  Proud of you Son and thanks for your recommendations and ideas on this project.

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Steven Jodoin is a Geomatics Engineer, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer and an aspiring Lean Six Sigma Black Belt living in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. "Make Every Day a Kaizen Day" and Improve Continuously