So there I was returning from Melbourne after yesterdays photo shoot (Galleries > Melbourne), confident I had a few “gooders” in there to test out as HDR’s in Lightroom.  Arrived 10 minutes outside of Bendigo at 5:50 PM, at the rest stop where they are building the new Caltex Station, and saw the setting sun.

Another 10 minutes and I would make it not only back to Bendigo, but just in time for the evening’s Cert IV in TAE Class. 6 PM start.

In that instant I thought “TAE Class or Setting Sun? TAE Class or Setting Sun?”

Obviously from this photo you can tell which won out 🙂

Besides which the back-logged TAE assignments are nothing that a few well timed all-nighters won’t remedy.

Odd that the Cert IV in TAE is also known as the “TAE 410”, because sychronistically this is the 410th photo to be added to “Bendigo Scenic” so far on the way to the planned 1000 photos.

They always say, ‘take some time to smell the roses’, and so I did, but while awaiting for the sun to be in just the right position, I thought of the ELO Song below. Very appropriate given the circumstances of these past number of years!

Enjoy the song and last evenings glorious Sunset.

About the author

Steven Jodoin is a Geomatics Engineer, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer and an aspiring Lean Six Sigma Black Belt living in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. "Make Every Day a Kaizen Day" and Improve Continuously