. . . and its still causing crashes 🙁

Oh well might learn a few new tidbits from this:

Have fun with this gem of a throw pillow, but don’t forget all the other throw pillows on offer through Red Bubble and SJPhoto.com.au.

They’re all marked down at 0% commission to me for the whole of this week, until next Friday evening at 8 PM.

So have some fun.

Know of a Mate in Ballarat?  Send him or her this throw pillow in jest.  Its Stir the Pot Week.

Someone in Brisbane, Sydney or Perth?

Remind ’em of life back home with a cool throw pillow with a current pic of Bendigo on it.

Sheez, who da thunk I would be pushing throw pilla’s at this stage in life, but oh well.  It is what it is.  🙂

Good for a few grins at least.

$26.52 for the largest one .  .  . cheap as chips . . . surprise ’em at their next P.O. Box visit.

Perhaps something with one of my photos in it and some text over top?  Or perhaps you need a photo taken and then a poster created?

This is a sample of two possible poster designs for a client.  With Red Bubble, it is an effective way to manage the final printing and shipping of posters straight to your door.

Not something I normally do, but from time to time I do get a few requests.  So if you like, email me about your needs and I will provide a quotation.