New Category created at the Red Bubble Shop called “Rusting Stuff”. Rusting Stuff is cool as it tells a tale of yesteryear. I love rusting stuff because it represents a challenge to portray the photo in just the right way to try to leave the viewer thinking about the story behind it.

Do you have something that is rusting that needs a photo taken? I mean seriously rusting, not your average everyday rusting. It needs to be in a total state of decay. 🙂 Would love to take a pic of it to add to the collection.

Let me know and with permission I will try to turn up to take a Photo.

Anticipated time is 30 minutes before sunrise or 1 hour before sunset to get the light conditions just right. Afterall photography is about one thing and that is “Light”.  You arrive in time to get the right light and the rest is just simple.  A sunrise over rusting stuff on a partly cloudy day, now that would be primo!  HDR (High Dynamic Range) moment Hoy!

Photo above taken with permission from the fellow on Shumakers Lane who in the past did the most amazing Christmas Light Show for kids. A special thanks to him for the very fond memories of those occasions and all the smiles he put on kids faces back then. He was an inspiration for what is up with this website . . . give it time, and you will discover what its all about 😉

A new category now created at my Red Bubble Shop called Panoramas.  With the Sony Nex-7 Camera there are two ways to create these.  The Nex-7 has a built in Panorama capability whereby the camera is panned slowly across a subject and the image is saved immediately to the cameras SD-RAM card.  Quite clever of the Sony Engineers, but typically a feature available with most better digital cameras these days.

The second technique is to capture a given subject area by taking 10-12 portrait images and then merging them all together in Photoshop during post-processing.  Can be tricky because there can’t be things moving in the background.  A lot of fun to experiment with.  Hopefully soon I can add one covering all of Charing Cross.  I did create one, but a the photo mosaic merge in Photoshop didn’t work out so well first time around.

A nominal price increase for these as there is added time to create the final image.

Only available as cards, prints, framed prints and posters, because it’s kinda difficult to wrap these around a throw pillow or an iPad case 🙂



It’s getting there.  Managed to find a few more from the past that were interesting.

Click link atop to listen along . . .

. . . while checking out Jimmy McIntyre and Learning more about luminosity masks in Photoshop

Life’s Short . . . Study Harder . . . Learn Muchly . . . and Never Stop Making them Photos Lookin’ Better!  🙂

Now at my Red Bubble Shop are twenty-five of the best and most popular photographs available to be printed as large format prints and posters.  At the Red Bubble Shop, simply click on Large Art Prints and Posters to view this new collection, and to get a feel for just how large the largest printed products are.

P.S.  Squirrel not included with Poster purchases  🙂

Turns out pretty large as a poster.  Need to select “Large Art Prints and Posters” category, then select a poster.  Next when it displays, use the drop down list to indicate you wish to see the Largest Poster.  Same applies for Art Prints and Photographic Prints.

A new category is being created at Red Bubble for those wishing the Largest Sized Art Prints and Posters.  Images need to be 7000 pixels wide to be enabled to print at the largest sizes.  I will only do this for the most popular photos, and fill up this new category with photos as I find time in the coming days.  Now possible to print a poster of this favourite “Steam Train at Maldon” in the dimensions 1190 mm x 670mm for example.

From time to time, might get moved to creating an illustration or two on Red Bubble  🙂  Just for something a bit different.

Check out the new Categories of photos at my Red Bubble Shop.  To quickly get there, click on the Red Bubble icon to the lower right on this page (tray like icon – on hover it says “windows” which I am working to sort out) and a new Tab will open up in your browser.  With the growing number of photos available, the shop is now set up so that the views and comments at Red Bubble will send the favourites to the top of each category.  Handy for seeing what is trending at any given moment.

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