Can’t miss in Bendigo with night time photos of the two most famous landmarks – Sacred Heart Cathedral and the Alexandra Fountain.  And the stars of the Southern Cross were perfectly positioned to appear in a few of these photos on such a clear night.  Visible in a couple of photos (naturally when facing south), but alas I didn’t have the time to set up the tripod to capture them.  Maybe next time.  Definitely another contender in here for my favourite fountain photo though, and the new extension to the Art Gallery is looking mighty fine at night time.

Sometimes having a high contrast Black and White or a Vintage look is more interesting than always colour.  Just experimenting with a few of each type on here.  Will add some to the Red Bubble Shop to see what people think.

In my quest for Rusting Stuff, stumbled upon this shop on Arnold Street which specialises in just that.  The Rust Devil Vintage selling Vintage things and Rusting Stuff.  I mean come on, talk about synchronicity or what.

Have fun with this gem of a throw pillow, but don’t forget all the other throw pillows on offer through Red Bubble and

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So have some fun.

Know of a Mate in Ballarat?  Send him or her this throw pillow in jest.  Its Stir the Pot Week.

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Remind ’em of life back home with a cool throw pillow with a current pic of Bendigo on it.

Sheez, who da thunk I would be pushing throw pilla’s at this stage in life, but oh well.  It is what it is.  🙂

Good for a few grins at least.

$26.52 for the largest one .  .  . cheap as chips . . . surprise ’em at their next P.O. Box visit.

Perhaps something with one of my photos in it and some text over top?  Or perhaps you need a photo taken and then a poster created?

This is a sample of two possible poster designs for a client.  With Red Bubble, it is an effective way to manage the final printing and shipping of posters straight to your door.

Not something I normally do, but from time to time I do get a few requests.  So if you like, email me about your needs and I will provide a quotation.

9 Seconds is all and shrinking fast. With the modern web and hundreds of new websites being created every minute there’s not much time to waste. That is why my Photos change every 9 seconds.

People are time poor afterall . . .

Embrace the moment and go hard and fast to wow ’em with your talent and abilities . . .

. . . for then, in that moment, you just might earn (read win) a new bookmark on here, maybe, just maybe . . . . 🙂

Hopefully . . .

and then keep on adding new content and all will be good. They’ll come back because now they’re curious and will be always wondering whats new., yup we’ll be pumping new as often as possible!

Tick tock, tick tock, no time to waste.

It happens from time to time.  But loading up 100 photos of Bendigo, each averaging half a megabyte (50 megabytes total) sometimes can take a few moments to become accessible from 9000 miles away in Dallas, Texas.

I find it easiest to load it up in a tab and then browse away at other things a while, and then come back for a look.  Then the keyboard arrow keys to scroll forward and back work in real time.