Gargoyle Art

I remember now . . . this was meant to be Bendigo Scenic 365 when I was thinking that perhaps one day it would become a website, but as these are images 370, 371 and 372, it will probably grow to be a bit larger.  Let’s see if it can get to 1000 Photos.

Lovin’ these Presets.


More fun stuff to experiment with . . .

WordPress, because if it’s good enough for CNN, then it’s good enough for SJPhoto.com.au  🙂

. . . and wow, what a difference it made to work through a number of Lightroom “Presets” I had previously downloaded.  Some guy, who was on a mission to make 1 Preset everyday for 365 days in 2013.  I think I stopped after downloading 200 of them. Much better results on some of these.  Even the featured image here, the one with the Southern Cross from the other night, came out much better than before.  Now we can really see the mailbox in the foreground, and the outline of the tree.  Mwah!  Thanks Preset Creation Guy!

It’s just something we “Oooot” and “Abooot” people down here enjoy watching over and over again . . . . . . Good Onya CANADA!!!!!!

Hope everyone back there is doing fine.

The voice of Foster Hewitt broadcasting the game (the then voice of “Hockey Night in Canada”) . . . my brother ended up marrying his daughter . . . how weird is that EH? Wonder how he is doing now?

This life brings its disconnects, when one sojourns to the other side of the world, and you just have to accept it at times I suppose . . .

Maybe he will find this Journal post and choose to reply . . . Six Degrees of Separation and all. Lets see if it works . . .

On this the 2nd day of September, I will never forget that day exactly 42 years ago when the Russians first skated out onto the ice for Game 1 at the Montreal Forum looking haphazard only to eventually whip our butts on the night 7-3 – having won tickets from our hometown in Cornwall, and to be seated at the Montreal Forum 16 rows behind the opposing goalie, whom we had no clue back then was actually Vladislav Tretiak perhaps the greatest Goalie ever.


To get a chance to walk down and to see who was standing there watching this unknown goalie during warm up (the goalie of the century), but Bobby Orr (out with an ankle injury for this first ever Summit Series), and to ask him for an autograph which he happily granted . . . what a dream that was back then for a kid!

Fond memories on this the 2nd of September from Downunder.

You know, this friend in Melbourne introduced me to MUSE.  At first I watched a video of them and thought “what is all that loud noisy crap anyway!”

Then she dragged me along to a concert, and it was then that I became hooked.

Anyway, the more you listen, the more it tends to grow on you . . . maybe.

Great to be able to share YouTube clips of the moment on here . . . and have a way to quickly reference favourite concerts from the past to listen to again.

So time for some more MUSE.  Seems they won’t be coming to Melbourne in 2014 . . . Damn!

This one is getting close.  Seeing the perfect spot to place the tripod, but need to block out that glowing streetlight on the right.  Then a secondary long exposure shot to capture the stars to blend into the final photo.  Also perhaps a close-up of Neptune in the foreground to add to it and also at a moment when no car stuck at the stop light with its headlights glaring (after midnight usually gives a better chance of that) . . . and I should be just about there.  For now this one moves up to the top of my rankings as the #1 favourite on Bendigo Scenic and a motivator to finally get it just right.

Wow the perfect alignment!  The Southern Cross and the Pointers captured last night just above the glow of the blue-lit Sacred Heart Cathedral, and in the foreground one of those old style letter drop mail boxes. Also the power lines crossing the face of the Cathedral gives it an interesting look.  What a lucky catch for a hand-held stumble around in the dark moment.  A fitting photo addition to mark #350 to Bendigo Scenic.