Been having a few comments on a couple of photos which turned out to both be taken on 1 November 2013. It was just 3 weeks after getting this new camera of mine last year, and around 7 PM with fantastic sunset sky conditions, I was around the Alexandra Fountain testing things out.

Anyway I’ve decided to revisit that shoot and see what else I could come up with. What a better time to test out this new Lightroom Preset called “Punchy HDR”. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and these presets are just emulators of true HDR . . . it’s not actually the real thing. This one called “Punchy HDR” really brings everything out in an eye popping fashion. However, so much so that things can tend to look a bit grainy when done, if one zooms into the image.

Still it allows for quite a different look and feel to a photograph. In a way its like turning photography into Digital Art. So I have made a new Gallery called “Punchy HDR Fountain” – if you check out the Menu above. The images rotate through at 9 second intervals so as to allow time to see what they are all about. There are 31 in total, from that evening on 1 November last year. I think a few of them look pretty good. At the very least they are interesting to look at, and I think the best situation for this is when you find the perfect sunset sky when taking your photography as was found nearly a year ago.


Churning along here, processing and getting ’em up to the site. It’s definitely not going to take till March 2015 to get to 1000 photos. Sometime in October sounds about right, perhaps November latest. Given I have another 150 sitting in the processing queue and a few planned outings to take more photos later this week, it should progress according to plan.

Here’s a band I thought was going to really go places, but they turned out to be a one-hit wonder. From Winterpeg, didn’t realise they were from Canada until a few years after this song came out in 1993. But what a great name for a band – The Crash Test Dummies. Just a bit too alternative to keep creating great songs maybe.

. . . or 50 ways to look at a photograph using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Presets. Actually there are thousands of presets, and in fact an infinite number, depending on what you choose to do with them, but I have selected 50 presets to apply to a favourite image of the past.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is called this because Lightroom is basically the Photoshop rendering engine re-packaged in a smaller more affordable software product which is easier for Photographers to handle and catalogue the thousands of images they find themselves dealing with in the digital photography age. Presently it is not necessary to purchase Adobe Creative Cloud to get Lightroom as it is a standalone product designed for the consumer market. However, CC Users do get access to Lightroom along with their subscription.

A preset is simply a way of applying many changes to a photo in a single click. Such image parameters as Temperature, Tint, Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites, Blacks, Clarity, Vibrance and Saturation can all be tested with on a photo and then saved to a preset file. Then when the same situation comes up again in terms of lighting or desired look, it is a simple matter of clicking on that preset and all the same properties are implemented on the Photo in question. It takes a while to gather and/or create presets, but once that work is done presets become a major time saver when dealing with your photography.

As an example I have created the 50 Statues project here on the website as a separate gallery. With a favourite photo from the past of the statues at the Alexandra Fountain and a backdrop of the two mutual life buildings, it is possible to quickly render 50 different versions of the same image, just to see how these might look using 50 different presets. Presented as a separate gallery, with a speed between images of just 2 seconds, it is possible to see how all these images look quickly at full HD resolution – a pretty handy thing. With Invictus, it is possible to password protect any gallery created and so this is a good way to share photography for review with a client, so that photos can be selected for further processing or printing.

Anyway, for those 2 readers, one dog and a pet ferret who have been following this blog from the beginning, tonights song is probably no surprise . . . it was going to pop up eventually. Its from those Canadian Rockers from middle-of-nowhere Hanna, Alberta. I think you might have heard of them before:

. . . and its still causing crashes 🙁

Oh well might learn a few new tidbits from this:

. . . and the Tulips and springtime flowers are a bloomin’

The next 7-10 days should be a photographer’s delight in the CBD and gardens all around

Love is in the air also, judging by the locks chained up atop the Poppethead.

Perfect song for the moment is probably that most famous Springtime song . . . U2 and “Beautiful Day”.

Lyrics Wow! –

Crank it! Winter’s finally over. Yay!!!

Photo Credits:  When I get out with my Son, he gets to do all the shooting, so all the great Photos here are his.

I’ve had an inquiry about Mt Franklin, and so last evening I thought I would venture down and see what I could find. After checking out Google Maps I had found 3-4 locations which seemed ideal to capture it in advance. Thanks goodness for Google Maps eh, saves so much time for such things.

Well it turned out to be quite an experience. I arrived an hour before sunset and all the paddocks were lush green. Perfect. And all the while there, while on Porcupine Ridge, from every direction one could hear the Baaaaaaaah of sheep. Lambing is done now and all the new lambs were quite curious as to what I was up to. Otherwise such peacefulness as the sun set last evening. What a great place to live.

Early images proved quite difficult with the glare of the setting sun, which turned out to set much further left of Mt Franklin than I thought, but I have set up a new gallery so as to browse the results – a total of 18 photos so far, might add a few more. To refer to any image in this collection, simply raise the thumbnail scroller, then hover your mouse over the one you wish to refer to, next look to the lower left and you will see the URL and the reference to the photo (e.g. MtFranklin-1.jpg – my favourite so far, #16 is also pretty good). This slideshow is set up to display photos sequentially by date and time taken, so the presentation order will remain the same with multiple viewings.

The idea is to next attempt this at sunrise and then perhaps another time later in the morning around 11 AM to see how the colours vary and which look best. With trips to and from Ballarat this one should be very easy to revisit again and again to capture Mt Franklin in its best possible light. In any event I am happy with the first attempt as it provides an idea of various locations to take the photo from. In time it should be possible to gather 50 or so images into this gallery, from which I will place 4-5 on Red Bubble based on feedback received.  Please don’t hesitate to comment below.

So far I think I like the featured image for this posting as it provides a foreground fenceline and tree to add depth to the image. It also provides a nice variation in greens all the way up to Mt. Franklin which is about 1.5 km away from where this photo was taken.

As a tribute to the requester of this image, thanks for the feedback (yes the horse referred to earlier was actually where he was supposed to be), lets turn back to ELO and their 2001 Reunion concert after a 17 year hiatus from playing together live. So good to hear their sound again, as its been a while.  It’s always good to have music to listen to while editing photos.

Part 2 of the Sacred Heart Cathedral here in Bendigo. In this lot are some of the better Stained Glassed Windows. Magnificent colours and I think Cathedrals and Stained Glass are some of the best places to practice photography, especially if you get just the right day.

Well worth a visit if you haven’t had a chance to go yet.

Music? How about that great Canadian Band Rush and their top song ever “Tom Sawyer”, live in concert in Dallas. Was always funny how the drummer had 1000 drums, cymbals and various things to smash 🙂

OK here we go for the next 500 photos. Heaps of Cathedral photos and they look fantastic, especially the stained glassed windows. This was from a few weeks back and I have re-processed the lot so that they look better. Some of the Stained Glassed Windows now really pop just as I hoped they would. Fantastic HDR Lightroom Preset.

Having been to St. Pauls Cathedral in Melbourne recently as well, while it is amazing inside, I have to admit the colours inside Sacred Heart Cathedral here in Bendigo are even better especially when you visit on a sunny day.

Anyway lots of images in this batch, so will post them over two days. As we are nearly at the middle of September, no better time than now for this song by Earth, Wind & Fire. Enjoy.

One thing about uploading the images, is you get to see how each one fits in with the story the website is trying to capture. Individually each of these photos is just a pretty picture, but taken together in their random presentation on here, it sheds a whole different light on Bendigo don’t you think?

Anyway, one of the Poppethead photos was looking a bit crooked or like it was about to fall over, so I’ve leveled it up in Lightroom. Also these 4 photos look a bit better with HDR applied to them (a one click preset in Lightroom). It can be a bit tricky because sometimes the grass and trees look a bit greener with this HDR preset, than they ever usually are here in Australia (hmm, which perhaps might be the case here with the image of the broader view of the creek bed).

Not long to go now till Bendigo’s 163rd Birthday. For those unaquainted this plaque and monument is located by the Creek just south of Maple Street, Golden Square – the spot where in 1851 two women happened stumble upon some alluvial gold, and then everything changed thereafter. Not sure why they would have been wandering about the creek bed unless it was an abnormally wet springtime, as rarely does it have water in it. Who knows, without the Coliban River diversion and channel construction perhaps the drainage was much different way back then and a rainier-than-normal spring exposed the gold nugget, much to their delight?

Anyway, for this afternoons photo-editing pleasure its fond recollection of two other women who I thought were Canadian, but were actually originally from Seattle, Washington – the Wilson Sisters and Heart. Apparently they first made it big in Vancouver where I just happened to find myself at the time as a stowaway, and saw them in my first ever real live concert in 1978.  Memories from long ago.

You can read more about them here:

There are now 500 photos in the Bendigo Scenic Portfolio wow. Never thought it would come together so quickly.

In scanning through a bunch of images taken in the past year, I’ve managed to come up with a couple hundred more which look interesting to add, which I had kind of forgotten about.  Very difficult to get all these uploaded to the Red Bubble shop at the same time, so if there is one in the portfolio that is of interest and is not there, drop me a line and I will get it uploaded.

It’s good to get these all uploaded and out of the way before the nice weather arrives, because when that comes I won’t wish to be sitting behind a computer. Would rather be out taking more photos, and hopefully this year some more unique subjects. There are so many places still yet to visit around Bendigo. Also next it would be best to focus on rural areas and the places most people don’t usually get to see, as a reminder that there is a lot of other interesting stuff going on other than just in the city.

Anyway, this is a bit of a celebratory milestone, so I will enjoy it with perhaps one of my favourite songs ever – Mike and the Mechanics – “In the Living Years”. The coastline in the beginning is a reminder also, I can’t wait to get down to capture a sunset at the 12 Apostles and along the Great Ocean Road.