Vintage can provide a really cool look. The idea here was firstly to provide more Vintage looking photos to the original Gallery (now 75 of them), but also to explore a different look and feel to some of the better photos in the total portfolio.

OK, so a vintage look of a Parrot feeding in the Gumtrees last December at the Eaglehawk Botanical Gardens is hardly an olden days activity, but it does provide for a deeper richer colour from the original photo.

Just from viewing these on screen I can’t help but think that they might print a bit better on a hi-gloss postcard, perhaps at some point in the future.

Check them out at the full gallery – Galleries > Vintage Photos

Speaking of Vintage, what better way to look back into the past but through checking out that song which was at the top of the charts on the day you were born. Check out this website to find out yours:

What was the hit song on my Birthday?

Have to laugh a bit, because on the day I was born the top of the charts in Canada was that then 18 Year old Ottawa Sensation Paul Anka with his hit “Lonely Boy”.  Hehehe perhaps it was a bit of foreboding eh? . . . Oh stop that!  🙂  See Kyle, told you the wheel was already long since invented . . . barely just 😉

Isn’t that funny . . . he was born exactly one day prior, just 18 years earlier (Us Leo’s Eh?). Perhaps it was a Birthday present hit song for him way back then.  Went on to have a Stellar Career.

Paul Anka @ Wikipedia

Ooops!  Nearly forgot . . . Happy Birthday Bendigo, as of today you are now 163 years young  🙂

After working away and staring at the same image files for hours and hours, you finally get to the point where you feel like its all done and that you have done your best.  So then you post your finished work into a gallery at your website feeling a sense of relief that those long hours are finally behind you.  Where the Invictus galleries makes things so different, is a day later as you are working away on other things and have your latest Gallery scrolling before your eyes on a wide 23″ screen, and you get a chance with a fresh perspective to see those minor errors, glitches, dust marks on the camera sensor, etc. that you thought you had caught the day before, and so its a chance to put a final quality control check on your work.  I am so happy I put the time and effort into learning this tool.

The Black and White and Vintage Galleries were looking a bit weak with only 10 photos each, so today was a chance for the CPU to earn it’s keep and to crank out loads of new files with the Photoshop Action scripts.

I’ve selected 75 of the more interesting photos from Bendigo Scenic 1000 (actually its only 762 at the moment, but we’re getting there), and processed these as both High Contrast Black and White’s and Vintage photos. Took about 3 hours all up to process these 150 photos as:

– Watermarked 1920 x 1080’s for the website
– Un-watermarked 8000 x 4501’s for uploading to Red Bubble – Red Bubble A0 Posters require a minimum of 7000 pels on one side
– Watermarked 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD’s for ‘Ron
– Watermarked 1000 x 563’s for sharing by email and potential use on FB/Twitter

This on a notebook so it’s going to be a bit slow. From here I’m looking forward to feeding a comparable task to a Quad R9 290 machine to see just much faster it will be.  A good test will be to take all 1000 photos and batch process the lot into all the different image sizes both with and without watermarks.  That will be a great benchmark test. Very handy that Adobe allows the installation of Creative Cloud on a 2nd machine, especially when a big photo job comes along and everything needs to be processed very fast.

Anyway, a pretty obvious Music Video to go along with this post.  LOL, love the Michael J Fox “Back to the Future” moment @ 1:20


Just use the Coupon Code “HOODIE15” on checkout to receive the discounted price.

Hmmm, only problem is I reckoned no one would want a Hoodie with a photo on it 🙂

OK, well lets sweeten the deal and drop all Hoodie Commissions to 0% for the next 5 days.

The Photo of Thomas above, in Maldon, is by a factor of 5 the most visited Photo at my Red Bubble shop. So I have set Hoodies there to be available now and the commission to zero. Probably not a lot of places in the world where you will find an imitation “Real” Thomas the Tank Engine.  No wonder so many people migrate to this photo at Red Bubble.

Over the weekend I’ll be adding more photos to Red Bubble (major processing run completed today) and as I do I’ll make others available for purchase in the Hoodie range and other clothing items also.

Otherwise be sure to visit all the other excellent designers on Red Bubble to see their cool Hoodie designs. There are some amazing designers around the world on Red Bubble, and there is surely something unique out there to suit everyone’s taste.

**** Note to Self . . . Get back down to Maldon to get some more photos there, especially some of the amazing Rose Gardens coming into bloom soon . . . that usually happens by 1 November . . . Check!


Darn, missed out on a Music Vid on that post.  As I’m listening to this one at Chilliwack’s Star 98.3 at the moment, and its always been a gooder, it will do.


My Son’s First Foray into Tubesville.  Need to get him to make me a Promo Video Next.  Pretty Amazing first effort I think.

“Still Photo’s of Fountains and Buildings Dad?” . . . “Nah, I can do better than that!”  😉

. . .

OK, OK . . . so that first attempt was good we all acknowledge that, so now how do you make it even better the next time.  This is the real challenge.  Perfection is never achievable (Law of Diminishing Returns and All), but somewhere between here and there as you strive to improve, this is the sweetspot that people will stand up and really take notice.  Proud of you Son and thanks for your recommendations and ideas on this project.

I’ve just added a Music Menu to the website with links to radio stations on, so as to allow some music while browsing Bendigo Scenic 1000 and the other Galleries.  Lots of local stations, some from Digitally Imported and others I have enjoyed in my travels.

Most open up in a separate tab in your browser and immediately start playing, but a few need a push of the start button to get them playing.

For those that require opening in a separate window, you may need to download and install Adobe Flash Player for it to work.

Unfortunately, 3BO doesn’t seem to be streaming at the moment. Maybe that will change in the future, so I will leave the link up there.

Will try to add more stations as I think of them, particularly those I have enjoyed on my journey. It’s a bit of a trip down memory lane 🙂

CHOM 97 7 in Montreal is still the absolute best, particularly when you catch a 97 minute commercial free session.


Tray icons down on the lower right . . . yep, click to follow 🙂

Funny how those two seem to want an “E” in there somewhere.

FlickRrrrrrrr and TumblRrrrrrr

Kinda like Rrrrrrrevolution! 😉

What do you get when you take 1,000 photos and use them as 10,000 individual tiles to make up another Photo? A really cool looking Photomosaic.

These were a lot of fun to make, and I suppose part of the reason I am after 1,000 photos of Bendigo and surrounds for Bendigo Scenic. I guess when its done it will be called Bendigo Scenic 1000.

All the flower photos from before and taken this past weekend help out quite a bit with this, as the software which generates these mosaics needs not struggle to find a certain colour.

At first they may look a bit strange, but when you look closer you can see that each is comprised of 10,000 separate square tiles which are actually each a photo in and of themselves.

I have provided a zoomed in image after the first 5 mosaics which shows what the actual sized print of these mosaics would look like were they to be printed to their actual size of 11 feet x 6.25 feet.

The near term benefit is that finally it is possible to create Doona covers at Red Bubble with these images, as a Doona Cover requires images which are at least 13,000 pixels on one side. These fit that bill.

Problem is I’ve cheated a bit by using the Melbourne photos that I have, and at this point I am still short 240 Photos on my way to 1000 for Bendigo. So this is a bit of a test to see what these Photomosaics would look like. Thus far pretty happy with the results of this testing.

Applications? Might be pretty neat to have a business photo, staff photo, etc. etc. which is then converted into a Photomosaic with all Bendigo photos comprising the mosaic tiles.  Certainly would be a talking point at reception for many years to come.

Anyway, I’ll keep experimenting with this to see if I can’t get them looking even better. For now you can revisit these by checking out the Gallery called Photomosaics.

Song to go along with this one?

Well wonder of all wonders, in researching this next singer, it turns out he was born in the same city as I, Kingston, Ontario, but just 97 days later.

I always thought he was from Vancouver, but I suppose that was just the place he made it with his music. I wonder if he was born at the Hotel Dieu Hospital as well? Or maybe KGH (Kingston General). Anyway from reading his Wiki, seems he earns a crust from Photography when not singing. Isn’t that strange!

Again, you know this fellow, but since he has all his music locked down and not available to 3rd party site sharing on both the Tube and Vevo, here is a random duet I stumbled across which looked like it was a lot of fun. Enjoy!

Such amazing colours out there right now. Quite a few other photographers taking in the sights as well I noticed.

Music for this one? I know, open up the Flowers Gallery in a new tab and have a listen to this one. Wouldn’t want to ruin the moment with some loud clang and bang rock song.  🙂


Be sure to get out this week to see the Tulip festival around Rosalind Park and the Fountain. Last weekend the conservatory was emptied out and most likely a large display will be on in there as well. These Tulips provide a rather interesting perspective to the photos taken last evening. Quite different, and as can be seen they haven’t opened yet, well at least the yellow ones haven’t – most likely the frigid evenings we’re having this week. Now pushed past the 700 mark in terms of photos for Bendigo Scenic. It’s moving forward quite nicely, and surely October will be the month it gets to 1000 Photos. 14 October is a key day, so lets see if we can get it done by then.

OK music for the evening. 2nd concert was in Montreal in 1979. Having grown up an hour west of there, we always listened into CHOM 97.7 FM, a very progressive rock station.

Sometimes it would come in clear as a bell, and at others the reception was very bad. FM transmission degrades after 60-70 km. Of course today one can listen from anywhere there is internet reception. A bit of fun this evening listening in to see what is new there in Montreal now.

By the summer of 1979, this band was for some reason very popular amongst Montrealers, their songs always playing on CHOM and so they toured to Canada and the US to introduce their new Album, “Breakfast in America”. Partner in crime for the evening at Parc Jerry was Alex Martin. Not sure where you ended up Alex, but that was one fantastic evening. Still not sure how we navigated the Metro all the way back to St. Jean afterwards, but it was worth every minute.