Happy Canada Day!

Well the special day has arrived and its Canada Day as well. Happy Birthday Canada, you are now 148 years young (1867 – 2015).

June was a very busy month but the SJPhoto Shop on RedBubble is now up and running on its own unique page leaving the old site ready for Lean Six Sigma Designs. Phew, not enough hours in a day, but things are motoring along fine now and by the end of July it should be up to 500 photos as planned (236 at the moment).

However, more importantly the Pin Boards over at Pinterest are really starting to take shape and Followers are starting to join in, like and pin them around. Thanks to all those who have started Following and sending encouragement for this work.

As it’s important to set and track KPI’s when developing a website, to know whether or not traffic is actually happening, on all fronts things are up massively for the month of June. Also, encouragingly, over at GuruShots we’ve clocked over 40K points. I say we because my son encourages me with this work and has been helping in the taking of photos.

So to celebrate this Kangamoose would really love to have a box of Timbits and a Coffee from Tim Horton’s right about now. If only a franchise would spring up in Bendigo. Perhaps one day.

Ok, the tune for this post just has to be a Canadian band, as there is a bit of a Canadian theme happening today. And what better song but this one which I recall fondly from my youth. I hope you will keep dropping by for a visit, because at SJPhoto, You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet! ūüôā

This time tomorrow the voting starts on GuruShots for Natural Lighting. ¬†These are my four entries from a trip last week to Williamstown, across Hobson’s Bay from Melbourne. ¬†Just need to conjure up an interesting story to go with them this time around. ¬†I think there could be a “Melville” moment in there somewhere or another. ¬†In the meantime, Trevor and Joseph’s ¬†latest just came out. ¬†Have a listen, their updates are always very informative. ¬†Enjoy! ¬†P.S. A nice sunny wintery day here and I’m feeling a “Norfolk Pine” moment coming on for “Trees”.


Whoa, do I need a break!

5,400 Products Now Available at RedBubble (20% discount sale ends in 4 hours, don’t hesitate to check it out -> http://rdbl.co/1FgynDR)

3,300 Pins at Pinterest (keep getting hobbled with a 24 hour lockdown on there for being a potential Pin Spammer . . . Grrrrrr . . . don’t they know some people starting out have hundreds of photos to upload which generate tens of pins each? ¬†I suppose I probably should have sent them a heads up. ¬†A lesson for those watching and planning to emulate this site ¬†ūüėČ ¬†Come on now, you are into Photography anyway, switch the Camera to High Def, leave it there, take heaps of pics, grab a book on WordPress . . . Consume it like there’s no tomorrow, buy your license of Invictus, jump on RedBubble or one of 139 other online shops and Upload, Upload, Upload . . . Simple! ¬†The world is waiting to see your photos . . .

195 Followers on Facebook

180 Followers on Pinterest

Just clocked over 17K Followers on Twitter

28 Likes for the Shop at RedBubble

Soon 38K Points at GuruShots, 60 Achievements there and now 83 Followers . . . mmmmm, no potential All Star performances in the current comps, they’re not my specialty, but I will submit anyway . . . because it is so important to ALWAYS PARTICIPATE!

116 Connects on LinkedIn and growing by the day.

“Brighton Bath Huts and the Melbourne Skyline” takes the lead on RB with 226 views (the Street is telling me what it wants and likes . . . thank you street! Your wish is my command, I shall go out and shoot more of the same)

So get this . . .

Picked up this follower today on Twitter:

@TimCoronel with 121K Followers, always loved Buggy Driver Dudes especially offroad stuff, but this guy has an amazing marketing team. Learning lots by the day following these inspirational people on Twitter!

which makes my Top 10 Twitter Followers now with a Combined Following of 5,250,000 Tweeters

The Organic Growth is now really taking off!

Oh yeah Baby, just getting warmed up hey!

Now watch this MoFo go Parabolic Planet-Wide!!!!!

It’s at moments like these that there is only one solution . . .

. . . and that is a bit of G ‘N R. Crank it Up!

Enjoy! Because I sure am ūüôā All the hard work is paying off.

OK time for a bit of an update, there has been so much going on.  Lots of photo editing happening @ SJPhoto.com.au, preparing for upcoming competitions @ GuruShots and lots of uploading of pics to the Shop @ RedBubble:

SJPhoto RedBubble Shop

and then lots of Pinning going on @ Pinterest over here:

The Coffee Break

and here

Framed to Perfection

and here

Pillow Fight

and here

Skin That iPhone

Phew so tired of all the uploading and pin clicking, but hey the following is growing steadily planet-wide so its worth it. 188 photo uploads so far, but many more to go. Each one is 20 MBytes which allows RedBubble to print a high resolution large format Poster should someone wish one, so that takes a lot of time.

Anyway, why not take a moment to Follow along on Pinterest and Pin away also to boards you are following and share the love . . .

Time for a bit of a break and some tunes. ūüôā

But wait, before we do, now its up to 5 All Star performances @ GuruShots. Wow can you believe that . . . I can’t . . . I think it was just a bit of beginners luck and a querk of the change in the scoring system in late May and early June.


Before I forget, every hour on the hour now a new Photography news item is posted to @sjphotocomau on Twitter. Thank you Market Hub, you make life so much simpler for a busy photographer.
Follow along on Twitter to catch the very latest photography news happening around the planet and for heavens sake, don’t be afraid to hit that Retweet button ūüėČ Especially my top Follower in L.A. with a Following of 3.5 Million Tweeters. Oh baby, just one Retweet K? Ta! ūüôā

Just want to give a shout out to Red Town Photography on this post and wish them well in their journey.

OK, so for this post lets have a listen to an Aussie band from the Central Coast of NSW making waves in Canada right now . . . The Lazy’s. ¬†Such a great tune!

Enjoy! Its back to photo editing and Bubbling away @ RedBubble for me . . .

Shhhhhh! Photoshopping in progress. Godzilla tunes while work is in progress.

Juxtaposition Challenge coming up at GuruShots.com. ¬†Why not join in with the fun? ¬†ūüôā

While we wait, an appropriate tune from Blue Oyster Cult.  Enjoy!

Well well, just then advanced to CHAMPION level at GuruShots.  Thanks to the voter who edged my Macro photos into the Elite rankiing for that competition.

Time for a wee celebration and isn’t coincidental that at that moment this song was playing on CHOM 97.7 in Montreal. ¬†Courtney Barnett, Singer/Songwriter from Melbourne and her “Pedestrian At Best”. ¬†Enjoy!

Well 3 June 2015 sure turned out to be a lucky day. Not one but two All Star results at GuruShots.com. Wow, that is unbelievable.

Fun with Shadows -> http://bit.ly/1Q61mWB

Best Horizons -> http://bit.ly/1FsLF0k

If you scroll down in the Blog, its not too long ago (because I was a slack person during summer shooting season, with my Blog Updates) that I thought a day like this was “Just a Dream”. That was on 26 October 2014.

My how things can change with a bit more of a full-time focus and a touch of creativity.

I began on GuruShots around the middle of October 2014 because it looked to be a bit of a fun thing to do, and its proven to be so. What a great way to meet other keen photographers from around the world and share in the celebration of a great competition and to commiserate and encourage each other when things don’t turn out so well.

Now with the new scoring system at GuruShots I think it makes things much more interesting.  Photographers higher up in the ranking have votes which are more weighty and this makes sense, because they have progressed and a single vote should mean more.  Also now when you look at the competition leader, usually he or she has a massive number of votes designating him or her the clear winner.  What a great improvement.  Or if the competition is close it will be interesting to watch for the full 30 Days, because a major competitive shift might happen right up till the last minute.

I think the trick is to enter competitions no matter what. Enter and then watch what the leaders are doing and try to learn from their success. If you do this consistently, then you too will have a day like my day today, this the 3rd of June 2015.

OK so now 31,650 points . . . Dare I Jinx myself and say 150,000 points and GURU any time soon? ¬†Nah, that would be Just another Dream! ¬†ūüôā

So to celebrate we just need to have another listen to that REM song from all those months ago. If you are reading this and are new to GuruShots, dreams do come true.  Upload, compete, test yourself, learn from others and succeed!  Enjoy!

After months of negotiations and having to put up with labour disputes with pesky editorial staff, journo’s and printers, SJPhoto is pleased to announce that agreement has been reached to acquire (through a hostile takeover at the end of the day) a Photography Newspaper. Titled SJPHOTO DOWN UNDER PHOTOGRAPHY NEWS, now you will have at your fingertips the very latest photography news and reviews from around the Social Web Universe and its Free, Free, Free! Hot photos of the day from the world’s best photographers, camera reviews, photography training, photography tips and so much more that you will find yourself engulfed for hours and losing time editing you latest photo masterpieces.

Today, 31 May 2015, I’m happy to announce the inaugural edition of SJPHOTO DOWN UNDER PHOTOGRAPHY NEWS for an Annual Subscription price of Zip, Zilch, Nothing . . . It’s FREE!. Going forward we will publish this online PHOTOGRAPHY GEM¬†daily and the bloody journalists will just have to put up with their 7-Day work weeks! Slackers! ūüôā

To subscribe to SJPHOTO DOWN UNDER PHOTOGRAPHY NEWS you can easily do so on the side-bar of every edition, should you wish to receive daily notification by email, and aren’t able to be glued to the web. Or you can watch for it making the rounds on Twitter or you can just visit www.sjphoto.com.au daily, browse the beautiful photos and navigate the new News Links for the best photography news on the web. Subscribe today to SJPHOTO DOWN UNDER PHOTOGRAPHY NEWS!

‘Struth it’s FREE Mate, so don’t be an Ocker Photographer, stay informed!


Let’s celebrate with a Cool Song. We haven’t done MUSE in a while and “Dead Inside” is playing right now on CHOM 97.7, so why not . . . Enjoy! ¬†P.S. The Newspaper took an hour to research, signup for, deploy, Tweet, FB Blog, and put this original Blog post together. ¬†It’s pretty simple, a great way of providing something of value for free to potential customers. ¬†Give it a go. ¬†ūüôā

. . . So I think its time I do a bit of catching up. ¬†Firstly, the slider gallery here are images for the upcoming Gurushots competition entitled “Fun with Shadows”. ¬†This should be a very interesting competition and I am looking forward to seeing what the other photographers around the world come up with this time around.

Secondly, I would like to thank all the new Followers on Twitter who have joined in on the journey. ¬†It’s been great so far sharing thoughts and ideas on using social media to expand a ¬†business, and also to connect with and see the many fine photos from other photographers around the world. ¬†It is quite a humbling experience and leaves me challenged to continually try to improve.

If you are new to this site, and the Invictus WordPress Theme, a couple of things.  When a visitor first lands on the homepage, it is set to display only a random 50 of the photos contained in the image gallery.  To see a different 50 random photos, simply click on the SJPhoto logo on the top left or hit Ctrl-R (Cmd-R on the Mac) and this will force a screen refresh with the next lot of photos.  Secondly while browsing, if you wish to move through the images quicker, simply use the Left and Right Arrow keys.  The Up and Down Arrow keys will raise and lower the thumbnail scroller.  A patch is available by the developer of this theme, which will now enable the Space-Bar to be used to pause and un-pause the main Gallery (Ahem, now just to find the time to take care of that next . . . )

In these blog posts, where there are images in the Nivo Scroller, to have a closer look at them while listening to the video, simply click on the mini-scroller images and the photos will expand for viewing and sharing on Twitter and Facebook.

Lastly, as with most blog posts in the past I try to end by sharing a song which I find meaningful or which is just one which is on my mind at the moment.  In editing the photos for this post, and in the past few days I have been listening a lot to Mumford & Sons.  Great music!  This one however, I like a lot because of the nature of the video imagery and also the lyrics.  I hope you will always believe in your dreams and goals.  Enjoy!


Busy, busy time of late . . . no time to post new photos sadly, even though I have heaps of new ones needing editing and post-processing, lots of panoramas, but maybe its just time to consolidate and complete a few other things like courses at School.

Last week managed to get confirmation of successful completion of a Cert IV in Training and Assessment here at Continuing Education Bendigo, but more interestingly than that is the fact that an old College Bud from 1982 happened to be traveling through Melbourne and it was a chance to catch up with him on what has been happening for he (and I), these past 32 years since marching off the parade square in Kingston, Ontario.

You know, that kind of meeting and time contemplaton puts a whole lot into perspective doesn’t it. I mean its really a generation and a half of time gone by.

Well, its been a very special week in a way. Neil, I so remember all those Boomer Lectures and Structures and Concrete and Soil Mechanics lectures where you just doodled and doodled and doodled away and amazed the heck out of us how you never found the exams to be no problem . . . I mean WTF was with that? ūüôā

So glad you have found and enjoyed your passion in this lifetime (http://www.packtrips.ca), and with any luck . . . one day it would be so much fun to get there to Alberta to join you in your fun. Take care Mate, and have a good journey back home.

Anyway, right now can’t think of a better way to celebrate the past, the immediate successful course completion, the reconnection with a Bud from 1982, and the new challenges on the immediate horizon but to have a listen to Roger Hodgson and a bit of “School”. It just seems a bit fitting: