Part 2 of the Sacred Heart Cathedral here in Bendigo. In this lot are some of the better Stained Glassed Windows. Magnificent colours and I think Cathedrals and Stained Glass are some of the best places to practice photography, especially if you get just the right day.

Well worth a visit if you haven’t had a chance to go yet.

Music? How about that great Canadian Band Rush and their top song ever “Tom Sawyer”, live in concert in Dallas. Was always funny how the drummer had 1000 drums, cymbals and various things to smash 🙂

OK here we go for the next 500 photos. Heaps of Cathedral photos and they look fantastic, especially the stained glassed windows. This was from a few weeks back and I have re-processed the lot so that they look better. Some of the Stained Glassed Windows now really pop just as I hoped they would. Fantastic HDR Lightroom Preset.

Having been to St. Pauls Cathedral in Melbourne recently as well, while it is amazing inside, I have to admit the colours inside Sacred Heart Cathedral here in Bendigo are even better especially when you visit on a sunny day.

Anyway lots of images in this batch, so will post them over two days. As we are nearly at the middle of September, no better time than now for this song by Earth, Wind & Fire. Enjoy.

One thing about uploading the images, is you get to see how each one fits in with the story the website is trying to capture. Individually each of these photos is just a pretty picture, but taken together in their random presentation on here, it sheds a whole different light on Bendigo don’t you think?

Anyway, one of the Poppethead photos was looking a bit crooked or like it was about to fall over, so I’ve leveled it up in Lightroom. Also these 4 photos look a bit better with HDR applied to them (a one click preset in Lightroom). It can be a bit tricky because sometimes the grass and trees look a bit greener with this HDR preset, than they ever usually are here in Australia (hmm, which perhaps might be the case here with the image of the broader view of the creek bed).

Not long to go now till Bendigo’s 163rd Birthday. For those unaquainted this plaque and monument is located by the Creek just south of Maple Street, Golden Square – the spot where in 1851 two women happened stumble upon some alluvial gold, and then everything changed thereafter. Not sure why they would have been wandering about the creek bed unless it was an abnormally wet springtime, as rarely does it have water in it. Who knows, without the Coliban River diversion and channel construction perhaps the drainage was much different way back then and a rainier-than-normal spring exposed the gold nugget, much to their delight?

Anyway, for this afternoons photo-editing pleasure its fond recollection of two other women who I thought were Canadian, but were actually originally from Seattle, Washington – the Wilson Sisters and Heart. Apparently they first made it big in Vancouver where I just happened to find myself at the time as a stowaway, and saw them in my first ever real live concert in 1978.  Memories from long ago.

You can read more about them here:

There are now 500 photos in the Bendigo Scenic Portfolio wow. Never thought it would come together so quickly.

In scanning through a bunch of images taken in the past year, I’ve managed to come up with a couple hundred more which look interesting to add, which I had kind of forgotten about.  Very difficult to get all these uploaded to the Red Bubble shop at the same time, so if there is one in the portfolio that is of interest and is not there, drop me a line and I will get it uploaded.

It’s good to get these all uploaded and out of the way before the nice weather arrives, because when that comes I won’t wish to be sitting behind a computer. Would rather be out taking more photos, and hopefully this year some more unique subjects. There are so many places still yet to visit around Bendigo. Also next it would be best to focus on rural areas and the places most people don’t usually get to see, as a reminder that there is a lot of other interesting stuff going on other than just in the city.

Anyway, this is a bit of a celebratory milestone, so I will enjoy it with perhaps one of my favourite songs ever – Mike and the Mechanics – “In the Living Years”. The coastline in the beginning is a reminder also, I can’t wait to get down to capture a sunset at the 12 Apostles and along the Great Ocean Road.

I like this one.  How many of these am I breaking?

This type of light produces less contrast, reducing the chances of strong shadows or blown-out highlights. I like the warm glow as it adds a pleasing feel to the scenes and I find that the long shadows help to pick out details which of course adds texture and depth to the images.

But the really big benefit is that there are usually few people or vehicles around at dawn (usually 1 hour before sunrise), and so when taking photos of structures, there tends to be a far better chance of gaining complete access to the subject.

Enjoy the dawns early light! These were from last October and November.

All the night-time photos of the blue-lit Cathedral are now fixed to reflect a closer representation to the real colours. It’s definitely the case that this colour presents a special challenge when taking night-time photography.

The difficulty comes where one is very close to the Cathedral and the Camera’s sensor is over-burdened with all the blue light in a larger portion of the image.

When photos are taken from far away, naturally this isn’t a problem.

So the solution is to evaluate each image in Lightroom (or Photoshop) and then looking solely at the blue colour, drop both the saturation and luminance values for blue until the desired colour is achieved – its more of an art than a science.

Its always good to do this very soon after taking the photos, because the exact colour is clear in ones mind. Of late for example, the blue lights at the Cathedral have been turned off in the night-time

For the APS-C Image Sensor in the camera, I suppose its a bit like this Seinfeld episode, which always was a favourite  🙂

So there I was returning from Melbourne after yesterdays photo shoot (Galleries > Melbourne), confident I had a few “gooders” in there to test out as HDR’s in Lightroom.  Arrived 10 minutes outside of Bendigo at 5:50 PM, at the rest stop where they are building the new Caltex Station, and saw the setting sun.

Another 10 minutes and I would make it not only back to Bendigo, but just in time for the evening’s Cert IV in TAE Class. 6 PM start.

In that instant I thought “TAE Class or Setting Sun? TAE Class or Setting Sun?”

Obviously from this photo you can tell which won out 🙂

Besides which the back-logged TAE assignments are nothing that a few well timed all-nighters won’t remedy.

Odd that the Cert IV in TAE is also known as the “TAE 410”, because sychronistically this is the 410th photo to be added to “Bendigo Scenic” so far on the way to the planned 1000 photos.

They always say, ‘take some time to smell the roses’, and so I did, but while awaiting for the sun to be in just the right position, I thought of the ELO Song below. Very appropriate given the circumstances of these past number of years!

Enjoy the song and last evenings glorious Sunset.

Turned out to be an excellent day, and I’m very much satisfied with the results. Quite enjoyed capturing Flinders Street Station and particularly St. Pauls Cathedral. First time I have been inside there, and its quite magnificent.

Have a visit: